The pastry sector has made great strides in recent years. In this, change of habits plays an important role. For example, tea times that were once made in houses have been moved to pastry. Moreover, as the urbanization rate increases, the need for pastry-type places where people can spend time has also increased. Especially young people have started to come together in places like patisseries instead of houses. This change has led to the opening of pastries one of the other in cities. It is now considered normal to find a pastry at every corner.

The proliferation of pastries has also increased the production of machines used in bakery equipment. Besides the companies that were in the sector since the old days, new firms also want to get a share from this developing market. Big companies that have announced their names in other areas have also started to operate in this rapidly developing field. For this reason, it has become a sector where competition is really high.

Pastry group products do not have to be as big as those used to produce bread. Ovens and other equipments can be small, medium and large size according to the desired product outcome. Mixers and baking ovens are the main devices in this group. Different types of dough-shaping devices are also counted among the pastry group products. There also some packaging machines in the pastry group products.

The beauty of decoration and presentation has become much more important for pastry products. In pastry industry, which is appealing to the taste rather than the basic necessity, the pastry group machines have begun to be designed to produce more aesthetic products. Devices that decorate products, give patterns, and provide original presentation have been preferred.

Manufacturers in the sector are competing to produce cheaper, easier to use, less space needing, more aesthetic products yielding and less energy consuming devices. Ergonomic device manufacturing is an important instrument for companies to take this step forward. For this reason, companies pay more attention to device design. Serious studies are also being carried out on the materials used in device production. Devices that consume less energy by providing better insulation are being designed. Especially the quality of the cooking is the most important output of the ovens used. Therefore, continuous improvements have being made to produce ovens that improve the quality of cooking by distributing the heat and the steam most evenly in the cooking area.